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MYDF Malaysia Final National Ranking DanceSport Championship 2011 successfully concluded

Randell Lim Xiu Zhen and Cindy Chung Sin Yee from Sarawak and Chua Zjen Fong and Evon Chong from Kuala Lumpur emerged Champions in the Grade A Standard and Latin categories respectively of the Malaysia Final National Ranking DanceSport Championship 2011 jointly..


MYDF now has 7 State Association Members

Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) now has 7 State Association Members, namely, Selangor DanceSport Association, Kuala Lumpur DanceSport Association, Melaka DanceSport Association, Johor DanceSport Association, Pahang DanceSport Association in West Malaysia and the..


World DanceSport Federation

At the IDSF General Meeting in Luxembourg on 19th June 2011, it was decided that the organization name be changed to that of World DanceSport Federation (WDSF). The official press statement is available at pdf link on this page. A detailed report is also available..

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Solidarity With Japan - MYDF Extends Condolences & Sympathy to JDSF

Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) Conveys Condolences & Sympathy to Japan DanceSport Federation (JDSF) and the people of Japan in the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami which struck the country. Our thoughts are with the people in Japan and..

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Suspension - Alfred Choo Kay Yang & Cecelia Yong Ling Shi

MYDF is announcing that the Malaysian couple, Alfred Choo Kay Yang & Cecelia Yong Ling Shi, is suspended for nine (9) months with effect as from 9th January 2011. They had infringed on MYDF regulations defying the notice published on the MYDF and ADSF websites 


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