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The Malaysian DanceSport Selection 2020/2021.

This is an announcement to all Malaysian dancesport athletes that the 2020/2021 dancesport selection comprising 2 disciplines ( Standard and Latin American ) will begin next year .

This selection is to determine the top 6 Malaysian dancesport athletes in Standard and Latin American :-

The participation criteria are as follows :-

1. The title of the event “The Malaysian Selection” covers the Standard and Latin American Discipline ;

2. The couples must be Malaysian citizens ;

3. The couples must be a member of MYDF and pay all the requisite membership fees and competition fees;

4. The Malaysian selection will be over 5 Competitions and the ranking of the couple will be determined by their currently placing;

5. On the Malaysian Selection finals the overall Champion shall keep the Challenge trophy for each disciplines ,

6. The dancesport competition shall run along the World Dancesport Federation technical rules and regulations and guidelines. This can be found at the Wdsf website worlddancesport.org.

7. All wdsf certified adjudicators and scrutineers will be used .

You may download the Application forms to join MYDF at ———.


Kindly be so notified !


George Tan

President and

Executive Committee of MYDF .



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