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MYDF Deputy President Mr. John Fam’s DSA Duties

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DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA)

DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA) setting up its Headquarters Office in Chengdu (CHN)

The latest DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA) Executive Committee meeting on early December voted unanimously to set up its China office in Chengdu (CHN). Since then, the DSA has been working closely with the Chengdu government on the preparations of the said Headquarters Office.

On December 27, 2019 at the International Conference Centre of Chengdu, the formal agreement to set up the DSA China office in Chengdu was signed between the DSA and the Chengdu government.

The signing was conducted by Madam Xiong Yan, Director of Chengdu Sports Bureau, and Mr. John Fam, Vice-President for Legal Affairs and General Secretary of DSA. The signing was witnessed by Mr. Crossen Yin Guochen, President of DSA, Mr. Jimmy Su Jie, Vice-President of DSA, and Mr. Wang Pingjiang, Deputy Mayor of Chengdu Municipal Government.

This move is another milestone for DSA, as the Chengdu government will offer strong support in promoting DSA during the cooperation term.




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